Our vision is, that all hearers of the word of GOD will become empowered to excel
on earth and above all be heaven centered.
Day Born Mini Fundraising: Wednesday borns takes over from Monday Borns | Hymn Festival comes on July 7 | Eric Tenkorang awarded the long serving Youth President | Rev. Amponsah prays for BECE candidates | Youth Ministry Donate to Children Home | Women Ministry Celebrates Day | Men Ministry Day Comes Up | Fundraising for Rev. Amponsah's sendoff comes on in June

About Newlife AG


Assemblies of GOD Ghana is the mother church where Newlife is an Assembly situated at
Oyarifa, Accra. Off the Oyarifa-Teiman road.

The Oyarifa branch of the Assemblies of GOD church was founded by Rev JabeZ Narh of blessed memory. The original name of the church was VOMEC and was located at the Oyarifa filling station. It was established in the year 1991 with five members.

Rev. Joel Bright Padi then took over from Rev. Jebez Narh and changed the name from VOMEC to NEWLIFE AG. As every church will grow, the congregation progressed to a significant size of membership and was later succeeded by Rev Edward Addo of blessed memory who led the church to acquire  their own land for their place of worship. Rev. Elisha then took over, he served well and was a great blessing to the church.

Rev. Eric Sakyie Aidoo then took over and progressed with the "old" church structure. He increased the membership and lead so well in both the church and membership growth.

Rev. John Amponsah been transferred from Faith AG - Dodowa, continued the stewardship of Newlife AG in 2005 till 2019. In year 2007, he commenced the building of the church mission house, and gradually built it up till it became an accommodation. He embraced crusades which led to some
new converts becoming members of the church. He has increased the size of the church and is very pr
oactive with management of the church.

Rev. Amponsah started the new befitting building for the church's place of worship since the "old" church structure was in a deployable state.
The church office was efficiently set up and equipped with ICT tools and systems to efficiently manage and enhance the church administration whiles he could concentrate  on spiritual matters. He brought the church to the web-front by fronting a website developed for the Oyarifa Newlife Assembly of GOD.

Rev. John Amponsah has helped across all departments to develop many potentials in the Kingdom.

A lot of good happenings is ongoing under his discipleship. 
Papa is indeed a great value that has happened to Newlife AG through his selfless, dedication and sacrifice.
Rev. Amponsah has made a generational impact that leaves an indelible print in the sands of time.

Church Board

The church board is the main arm of the church and has a formation of three (3) deacons and a head pastor.

The following deacons and their role includes;

1. Mr. John Mensah - Treasurer
2. Mrs. Florence Macgatus - Secretary
3. Mr. Job Andoh - Youth Representative


There are various departments that serves the church at departmental level.

These departments include;

1. Youth Ministry
2. Women Ministry
3. Men Ministry
4. Music Ministry
5. Children Ministry


1. Young Singles (Y'S)
2. Path Finders
3. Royal Rangers
4. Missionettes
5. Choreography

Charity (Matthew 25:42)

The youth ministry in collaboration with the church board is able to support an orphanage based in Dodowa in the Dangme West District. Your benevolence to aide as fulfill scripture (Matthew 25:35) will put much love and smiles on the faces of some needy children somewhere. God bless you as you will to donate.

Our vision is, that all hearers of the word of GOD will become empowered to excel
on earth and above all be heaven centered.

To be a pillar of hope to society and preaching the unadulterated word of GOD.

Events coming up

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Our fundraising to support pastor's pension comes off this June. Let's all pray towards the event and do come and support.

Date: June 30, 2019
Time: 8:30am

Judah Praise Presents - Hymn Festival
Judah Praise Presents - Hymn Festival
Sunday, June 09, 2019

July 7, will be a blissful night of God's glory and outpouring of the Holy Spirit through hymns. Let's see you there at 4:00pm prompt.

Host Choir - Judah Praise
Date: July 7, 2019
Time: 4:00pm